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Marina Prinzi, fashion & beauty photographer 

In 2011 I moved to Switzerland.

The business world didn't really care about photography then. The visual component was not a priority, as it is now.

It was a risky movement, because the photographer's job is far from financially stability. But Switzerland and now my home town of Lugano especially inspired me.

I have always loved photography, since I was a child. I got it from my father: he had old cameras, pictures which he regularly developed himself.

I shot the whole family, my friends, and everything that I found interesting for the images.

In Switzerland I bought my first professional camera and started shooting. And from that moment on, we became inseparable in the truest sense of this word.

The photographer is inspired by life. It can be people, locations, good and bad weather, a cool movie, favorite music.

You hear the song, close your eyes and imagine the picture that arises and the way it can be captured.

It can be designer clothing. I want to shoot immediately the model in the image that caused emotions.

It can also be even the simplest things in our everyday life.

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