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Marina Prinzi

From early childhood, I was in love with photography and even when I was little, I admired Dad's old camera, which had been abandoned since his youth. My father told me how he developed his own pictures, which I still admire.

I think every family has a camera, as well as the fact that everyone in the house has a kitchen. The only difference is how much effort you put into the process. Do you like to experiment or do you use the recipe in a banal and methodical way.

 That's exactly how it is in fashion: you can shoot a super talented model, but without a stylist or makeup artist, your photo will not be comme il faut. After many years in the fashion industry, I can say for sure that the team is equal to success.

I strongly recommend experimenting and not being afraid to make a mistake, because this is how you will find your author's handwriting. And this is what will distinguish you from others.

" Through the thorny path you can climb high to the stars"

Marina Prinzi
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